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《日月同天》MV国际版 山川异域,日月同天。 面对国际疫情的复杂局势, 中央企业在统筹做好疫情防控 和经济社会发展的同时, 主动支援全球合作伙伴联合战“疫”, 稳定全球产业链。
Signalling & Communication
CRSC serves as China's competent management authority of equipment modes, technical standards and product standards of rail transportation control systems ...more>>
Information Engineering
With brand image and reputation in signaling & communication, CRSC has vigorously expanded its information engineering business and continuously increased...more>>
Power Supply and Electrification
While maintaining its competitive advantage in signaling & communication, CRSC has continuously improved its industrial chain of system integration of the four... more>>
Emerging Business
With global leadership in rail transportation control, CRSC has extended its business scope both upstream and downstream around the emerging industry of modern...more>>
Overseas Business
CRSC has played an active role in implementing the “Belt and Road Initiative” and exported proven rail transportation control technologies to the overseas market... more>>
General Contracting
CRSC has made constant efforts in industrial upgrading & transformation, with general contracting and capital operation as its two driving wheels; with strategic... more>>
Capital Operation
CRSC's capital operation is a new business segment developed around its main business and relevant businesses. It involves project investment and capital operation to promote...more>>
Investor Relations
Stock information
Announcements and Notices
Video Center
About us
China Railway Signal & Communication Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: CRSC; stock code: 03969. HK) is a large central enterprise directly under SASAC,...MORE
Ten years of high speed rail
People are the biggest capital for company development. The company regards people as the first resource of the enterprise, insists on people...MORE
Signal system technology mainly includes: train operation control system (CTCS), urban rail train automatic control system (CBTC), train dispatching ...