Signalling & Communication

Signaling & Communication-------------Design and R&D

Standard Drafting

CRSC serves as China's competent management authority of equipment modes, technical standards and product standards of rail transportation control systems; and takes charge of the drafting and revision of industry standards for railway control systems on behalf of the National Railway Administration.

CRSC has led the establishment of technical standards for railway train control systems from CTCS-0 to CTCS-4; and laid the foundation of its leadership in railway signaling & control, influencing or compiling the following technical standards for the railway industry:

CRSC has compiled over 620 signaling & communication codes and standards, including Code for Design of Railway Digital Mobile Communication System (GSM-R), Code for Design of Railway Signaling, Construction Quality Acceptance Standard for High Speed Railway Communication Project, and Construction Quality Acceptance Standard for High Speed Railway Signaling Project.

managed more than 210 currently applicable standards and planned standard drafting projects of railway signaling & communication equipment and apparatus in China.

established more than 1,800 company standards.

Innovation Platform and Laboratory Building

With control system construction and operation experience of over 20,000 kilometers of HSRs, CRSC has accumulated a world-leading database of 34,000 HSR dedicated test cases, surpassing the combined total of foreign multinational companies, and indicating China's world-leading position in solving HSR related problems.

Honorary Awards

Over 300 national and provincial awards

∙ National Award for Progress in Science and Technology, granted for Beijing-Shanghai HSR (special prize)

∙ National Award for Progress in Science and Technology, granted for Qinghai-Tibet Railway (special prize)

∙ National Award for Progress in Science and Technology, granted for complete technology of heavy-haul transportation and its application to Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway (first prize)

∙ National Award for Progress in Science and Technology, granted for complete technology and equipment of China Railway Speed-Up Project (first prize)

∙ National Award for Progress in Science and Technology, granted for key technology of onboard safety control system and its application under complex and high-speed conditions (second prize)

∙ National Award for Progress in Science and Technology, granted for ZPW-2000A jointless frequency-shift automatic blocking system (second prize)

∙ Award for Railway Science and Technology, granted for CTCS-3 train control system (special prize)

∙ Award for Railway Science and Technology, granted for research and application of railway centralized signal monitoring system (first prize)

∙ Award for Railway Science and Technology, granted for integrated automation system of marshalling yards (first prize)

∙ Award for Railway Science and Technology, granted for centralized traffic control system of HSRs (first prize)

∙ 22nd China Patent Award, granted by State Intellectual Property Office (silver prize)

∙ National Award for Scientific and Technical Innovation in Standards (first prize)


As of December 31, 2018, CRSC had been granted 1,434 patents.

Signaling & Communication ---------------Equipment Manufacture

Production Base

CRSC is China's largest equipment manufacturer of rail transportation control systems; China's leader of one-stop systematized and specialized products and services in rail transportation control; and the world's only solution provider of rail transportation control systems able to independently provide a complete set of equipment and services across the entire industrial chain. We have 13 modern production bases all over China, including the world’s largest production bases for signal relays and switch machines.

Market Share of Major Products

With world-leading R&D and manufacturing capabilities, CRSC's core equipments of rail transportation control systems, such as CBI system, automatic blocking system, TCC system, on-board ATP equipment and RBC equipment, enjoy nearly 100% or a majority market share in control systems for HSRs in China. Our RBC equipment--core equipment of control systems for HSRs with a running speed of more than 300 km/h--enjoys a market coverage rate of over 90%.

Advanced Production Technologies

CRSC has advanced manufacture, inspection and testing equipment; adopts advanced SMT and automatic coating production lines and selective wave soldering equipment; and enjoys an industry-leading position in manufacturing processes, meeting the requirements of equipment mass production of all train control systems from CTCS-0 to CTCS-3 and high-end signaling & control equipment for the rapid development of the rail transportation industry at home and abroad.

CRSC's Employee--IPC World Champion in Hand Soldering

CRSC's Equipment Production Workshop of Train Control System for HSRs

Signaling & Communication ------------------Engineering Services


CRSC is the navigator of “one-stop” service for rail transportation. With strong independent innovation capacities, world-leading control system technologies, advanced product commercialization capabilities and excellent project implementation capabilities, we are able to provide one-stop turnkey solutions for customers around the world.

In recent years, CRSC has grasped the golden opportunities of the booming development of railway and urban transit in China. With substantial first-mover advantage and industry leadership, our four engineering groups have undertaken many "first-of-its-kind" national key projects, and played an active role in providing operation maintenance and technical services for railways and urban transit lines. 

CRSC's Processes

Schematic Diagram of China’s HSR Network and CRSC’s Market Coverage, as of December 2018

·CRSC-Covered Railway Bureaus

·Cities with CRSC’s Products-Covered Urban Transit Lines


HSR built as a single project with the longest mileage, largest investment and highest standard in the world

--Beijing-Shanghai HSR

First world-class long-distance trunk-line HSR

--Wuhan-Guangzhou HSR

Plateau railway with the highest altitude and longest permafrost section in the world

--Qinghai-Tibet Railway

First long-distance trunk-line HSR in alpine area

--Harbin-Dalian HSR

First large-axle-load heavy-haul railway built as a single project with 10,000 ton capacity in China

--Central-South Shanxi Railway Corridor

First railway marshalling yard with integrated automation system in the world

--Chengdu North Yard

First HSR in plateau, high altitude and desert gobi area

--Second Line of Lanzhou-Urumqi HSR

First double-track electrified heavy-haul coal transport line

--Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway

HSR with the longest east-west mileage and highest speed level and crossing the greatest number of provinces in China

--Shanghai-Kunming HSR

First overseas railway built with Chinese standards

--Mombasa-Nairobi Railway in Kenya

First urban light rail in Ethiopia and even East Africa, and first application of Chinese train control system with independent IPRs in the overseas market

--Addis Ababa Light Rail in Ethiopia

First HSR in Southeast Asia and first overseas HSR built with Chinese standards

--Jakarta-Bandung HSR in Indonesia

References/Urban Transit

CRSC has made great efforts to explore the domestic urban transit market; and maintained a leading position in technical level and market share; and undertaken design and integration projects of over 100 rail transit control systems in over 30 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Shenyang, Harbin, Dalian and Urumqi.

Control Center of Nanjing Metro

Guangzhou Metro

Chongqing Metro Line 5

Shanghai Metro Pearl Line

Shanghai Metro Line 10

Control Center of Shanghai Metro Line 6