Eight Core Technologies

1. China’s Train Control System for HSRs (CTCS-3) -- Advanced, Safe, Autonomous and Controllable

Train control system for HSRs with running speeds of 300 km/h and above, featuring key technology breakthroughs, enjoying independent IPRs, enjoying a world-leading position, and passing international interoperability certification; and applied to the construction of Beijing-Shanghai HSR with a running speed of 350 km/h and the retrofitting of the train control system of Beijing-Tianjin ICR to allow "Fuxing" EMUs to run on China's vast territory.


2. China's Automatic Train Operation System for HSRs (CTCS-3 + ATO)-World Leading, Intelligent and Efficient

World’s first automatic train operation (ATO) system for HSRs with a running speed of 350km/h, featuring automatic train departure, stopping & operation, over-speed protection and linked control of train door and platform doors for these HSRs; and supporting the construction of intelligent Beijing-Shenyang HSR and Beijing-Zhangjiakou HSR.


3. Train Control System (CBTC) for Urban Transit-- Breaking Monopoly by Foreign Companies and Achieving Interoperability

Train control system breaking monopoly by foreign companies, and achieving installation on Beijing Subway Line 8 to replaced foreign equipment; interoperability of China's urban transit to support cross-line operation of trains with different on-board equipments; and deployment in Chongqing, Xi’an, Changchun and Hefei.


4. Train Control System for ICRs (CTCS-2 + ATO) -- World’s First ATO for HSRs

Train control system for ICRs with running speeds of over 160 km/h, meeting the requirements of high-speed, high-density and bus-like operation between cities; world's first ATO system for HSRs to improve operation efficiency; and train control system achieving deployment on Dongguan-Huizhou ICR in Guangzhou.


5. Train Con