Eight Core Technologies

1. China’s Train Control System for HSRs (CTCS-3) -- Advanced, Safe, Autonomous and Controllable

Train control system for HSRs with running speeds of 300 km/h and above, featuring key technology breakthroughs, enjoying independent IPRs, enjoying a world-leading position, and passing international interoperability certification; and applied to the construction of Beijing-Shanghai HSR with a running speed of 350 km/h and the retrofitting of the train control system of Beijing-Tianjin ICR to allow "Fuxing" EMUs to run on China's vast territory.


2. China's Automatic Train Operation System for HSRs (CTCS-3 + ATO)-World Leading, Intelligent and Efficient

World’s first automatic train operation (ATO) system for HSRs with a running speed of 350km/h, featuring automatic train departure, stopping & operation, over-speed protection and linked control of train door and platform doors for these HSRs; and supporting the construction of intelligent Beijing-Shenyang HSR and Beijing-Zhangjiakou HSR.


3. Train Control System (CBTC) for Urban Transit-- Breaking Monopoly by Foreign Companies and Achieving Interoperability

Train control system breaking monopoly by foreign companies, and achieving installation on Beijing Subway Line 8 to replaced foreign equipment; interoperability of China's urban transit to support cross-line operation of trains with different on-board equipments; and deployment in Chongqing, Xi’an, Changchun and Hefei.


4. Train Control System for ICRs (CTCS-2 + ATO) -- World’s First ATO for HSRs

Train control system for ICRs with running speeds of over 160 km/h, meeting the requirements of high-speed, high-density and bus-like operation between cities; world's first ATO system for HSRs to improve operation efficiency; and train control system achieving deployment on Dongguan-Huizhou ICR in Guangzhou.


5. Train Control System for Medium and Low Speed Maglev (MATC) -- High Density, and Fully Automatic Operation

Independently developed train control system for medium and low speed maglev with a minimum headway of 3 minutes, and achieving ATO functionality; and deployment on Beijing Subway S1 Line.


6. Automation System (CIPS) for Freight Marshaling Yards -- World's Highest Efficiency for Railway Freight Transportation

World’s first automation system for marshalling yards with complete independent IPRs, achieving intelligent and automatic shunting and marshalling operations at freight stations to allowing China's freight efficiency to reach the world's highest level; and deployment at Asia's largest marshalling yard--Zhengzhou North Yard--as well as such large freight stations as Chengdu North, Guiyang South and Wuhan North; and enjoying over 60% market share.


7. Railway Integrated Intelligent Operation Maintenance Management System -- Automatic Operation Maintenance for HSRs

Providing online safety guarantee and maintenance for all CRSC's in-use equipments; achieving real-time status monitoring, fault early warning, locating & replication and automatic remote diagnosis of these in-use equipment for HSRs, ICRs and urban transit; and enjoying a world-leading position.


8. Integrated Transportation Dispatching & Commanding System -- Comprehensive Integration and Efficient Operation

Changing the traditional construction mode of decentralized management by each discipline and creating a unified integrated information platform for transportation dispatching, and achieving close interaction between marketing and transportation planning, between transportation planning and dispatching & commanding, between transportation production and construction & maintenance to build information closed loops; and deployment on the first overseas railway built with Chinese standards--Jakarta-Bandung HSR.