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Zhou Zhiliang Attends 4th China-CEEC Conference on Innovation Cooperation and Visits Project Site of Hungary-Serbia Railway

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From October 8th to 9th, the 4th China-Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) Conference on Innovation Cooperation was held in Belgrade, Serbia, where CRSC, world’s largest provider of rail transportation control system solutions, exhibited world-leading technologies and equipment. Party Secretary and Chairman Zhou Zhiliang, and Independent Directors Wang Jiajie, Chen Jin'en, Chen Jiaqiang and Yao Guiqing attended the exhibition.

CRSC's booth showcased its advanced control system technologies and equipment with large screens and physical equipment, to help publics and peers better understand its technical and product advantages. The stand also highlighted the competitive advantages of its "three-in-one" business model for rail transportation control systems covering design and development, equipment manufacture and engineering services and its world-leading technical and R&D capabilities, fascinating CEE countries and attracting many visitors.

During the conference, CRSC's directors also visited its project department of the Hungary-Serbia Railway for progress briefing, and inspected the laboratory and project site for on-site research.

In the progress briefing, CRSC's directors listened to the project department's report on project overview, progress, planning and Party building. The independent directors praised and encouraged the resident employees for the latter's enthusiasm to perform duties and perseverance to take root in a foreign country against all odds, and made the following remarks: The Hungary-Serbia Railway is CRSC's first HSR project in Europe, and is of great significance for its brand image. The company should build a global vision and a sense of duty, laying a solid foundation for business development through project execution; conduct patent application and technical secret management, fully utilizing local laboratories; strengthen contract, finance and taxation management, actively communicating and exchanging experience with local legal, financial and taxation experts, carefully studying contract terms, prudently signing documents, utilizing policies, avoiding risks, clarifying dispute resolution mechanisms, and designating fixed contact persons; strengthen communication and coordination with the owner, partners, and competent authorities in China and Serbia, to win their support and understanding, in view of the large number of stakeholders and partners, and conduct record keeping and file management during project execution, to provide a reliable basis for handling multi-lateral matters; and improve overseas project team building and management, raising strict requirements with, clarifying disciplines to, and conducting effective supervision on resident employees, while responding to their requests, showing great care to their needs, and linking work performance to remuneration and promotion, to enhance their sense of belonging, cohesion and work effectiveness.

Zhou Zhiliang thanked the independent directors for their on-site research and suggestions, instructed the project team to implement their requirements, and stresses the following points: The Hungary-Serbia Railway is an important measure under the "Belt and Road" initiative, breakthrough point for China's railway technologies in Europe, and major link in CRSC's overseas business strategy. Considering the glorious mission and great responsibilities, the company should grasp this hard-won opportunity with a sense of historical mission, pooling resources and coordinating scheduling, to accelerate the research on technical equipment and products for overseas markets, and address issues on technical compatibility; achieve product delivery with high quality, and explore and summarize management and implementation experience in overseas projects, formulating company-specific, and highly-workable standardized management manuals; steadily advance and constantly improve construction management, extensively implementing requirements for procedures, posts and responsibilities and strictly following standards and specifications for technologies, processes and tests, to ensure quality and safety, and attentively listen to the needs of the owner, to perform the FAI work; accelerate the training and cultivation of resident employees, to build a proficient, responsible, efficient and disciplined project management team, and provide operation and maintenance training for local employees, allowing skill learning during project execution, to lay the foundation for the future operation and maintenance team; and take the Hungary-Serbia Railway as the starting point to expand overseas presence and enhance international marketing, and seize the strategic opportunities of the "Belt and Road" initiative and "Going Global" strategy to deploy CRSC's technologies in overseas markets.

During the visit, Zhou Zhiliang and his colleagues also visited the Chinese Embassy in Serbia, to meet Ambassador Chen Bo and the commercial counselor; and met Zorana Mihajlovic, Serbia's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transportation and Infrastructure, to discuss the progress of the Hungary-Serbia Railway and cooperation in Serbia's rail transportation market.

The visit has played an active role in promoting CRSC's work for the Hungary-Serbia Railway, enhancing its overseas brand image and expanding its international influence; and has deepened the directors' understanding of the progress of CRSC's overseas business, and laid a solid foundation for their strategic research and scientific decision-making.

CRSC's delegation also included Chief Accountant and Board Secretary Hu Shaofeng, Vice President Zhao Xiaodong and CRSCI officers.




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