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CRSC Gets Ready for CIIE

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To get ready for the 2nd China International Import Expo (CIIE), CRSC conducted planning and made arrangements in strict compliance with the important instruction of General Secretary Xi Jinping to hold the CIIE "on an annual basis, with good performance, good results and continued success", and the relevant requirements of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC). The preparatory tasks have been basically completed.

To properly make preparations, CRSC perfected its organizational structure and job responsibilities, establishing a president-led trade delegation and a cross-department secretariat to coordinate the preparatory tasks for the trade delegation. To attain SASAC's "Two Surpasses" goal, it widely mobilized and actively organized subsidiaries to make purchases at the CIIE; and proactively communicated with foreign enterprises and extensively invited overseas partners to give demonstrations at the Expo, magnifying the spillover effect. To smoothly sign contracts, CRSC performed careful planning and detailed scheduling, timing activities in seconds and assigning tasks to employees.

At this Expo, CRSC intends to sign 9 purchase contracts/agreements with companies from Sweden, Germany, Japan, France and Switzerland on such intelligent and high-end equipment as on-board components for train control systems, control boards for computer-based interlocking systems, electronic components and driver display units, with a total value of 169 million RMB yuan. It performs much better than at the last Expo in the number of participating subsidiaries and employees and the expected amount of purchases, achieving the "Two Surpasses" goal. CRSC will continue to prepare for the CIIE with the overall goal of "bigger scale, better quality, stronger innovation, higher level, and better result".

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