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CRSC Hosts First Investors’ Visit since Listing on SSE STAR Market

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On 11th September, CRSC received investors at its rail transportation R&D center (Beijing). This event was attended by Yin Gang (Deputy Party Secretary and President), and moderated by Hu Shaofeng (Chief Accountant and Board Secretary); and joined by representatives of over 20 well-known domestic and foreign institutional investors.

Yin Gang thanked the investors for their trust in and support to CRSC. As the first A+H share listed company on STAR Market, the company has intensified and refined traditional businesses, strengthened and optimized advantageous businesses, and expanded emerging businesses, maintaining steady growth. In H1 2019, its revenue totaled 20.51 billion yuan, up by 8.5% year-on-year; and net profit attributable to shareholders reached 2.27 billion yuan, up by 14.3%. The funds raised are mainly used for R&D projects for advanced & intelligent technologies, and projects for advanced & intelligent manufacture bases and IT applications, which enhances CRSC's research and innovation capacities and market competitiveness, and consolidates its industry position; and are also used as working capital, which expands the company's production and operations and promotes its main businesses.

The participants visited the sand table of regional rail integrated control center, laboratory of coordinated transport and service system, integrated test laboratory of train control systems, dynamic test laboratory of high-speed railway signaling systems, and data center. Hu Shaofeng, Zhao Xiaodong (Vice President) and Meng Leping (Assistant President), and leaders of Development Planning Department, Finance Department, CRSC Research & Design Institute Group and Smart City Research & Design Institute updated CRSC's business developments in high-speed railway, inter-city railway, subway, tramway and smart city; and conducted exchanges with and answered questions from investors. In the afternoon, the representatives visited CRSC (Beijing) Industry Group, CRSC's equipment manufacture base, for field research on production operations and equipment testing at its workshops and laboratories.

The investors' representatives said this tour provided a more intuitive and profound understanding of CRSC’s businesses.

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