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Power supply and electrification

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CRSC is widely developing its capability of engineering design, installation and production on power supply and electrification, and rapidly improve the market share of the power supply and electrification industry via multi-method such as integration, merge and breeding etc. By closely combining the business of signalling and communication, CRSC is creating the best team to carry out the integration of the railway signalling, communication, power supply and electrification systems.

Company Reference

1、Power supply system modification for auto-block section between Shanshan-Urmuqi of Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway Line

2、Power supply system at X3 bidding section of Xiangtang West auto-block project of Beijing-Jiulong Railway Line

3、Temporary power supply system for installation on emergent engineering project at second line between Tulufan and Kurle section of Nan Jiang Railway Line

4、Power supply and electrification project of Kelan-Weijiatan section of Kelan-Watang Railway Line (green line)

5、Power supply project of Urmuqi-Jinghe Second Line

6、Power supply project of electrification & speed increase of Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway Line

7、Capacity Expansion Project of Xilinhot-Duolun Railway Line

8、Power supply project at Yonglin Junction of Kuitun North Railway Line

9、Installation of substation and power distribution system of Shenzhen Metro Line No. 2

10、Power supply project of Kalayuergun-Aksu section of Lunka Railway Line Power supply project

11、Operation and dispatch system project (power supply portion) at Guangzhou PDL Operation Office

12、Auto-block modernization project between Xin Songpu and West Kiamusze section of Harbin-Suihua-Kiamusze Railway Line

13、Operation and dispatch system project (power supply portion) at Cheng Du PDL Operation Office

14、Power supply system engineering in system integration of signal, communication, power supply and electrification project of Fujian-Jiangxi section of Hefei-Fuzhou Railway Line (green line)

15、System integration of signal, communication, power supply and electrification project of Coal Transport Railway Line (green line) from Hongjinta to Nuanshui of Inner Mongolia

16、Signalling Integration project of phase I (trial section) of Ulanhot-Inder section of Ulanhot-JiangQiao Railway Line (green line)

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