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Overseas Business

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Overseas Business

CRSC is actively developing the overseas business. Some of CRSC’s products are exporting to dozens of countries and regions in Asia, Africa and Latin America; CRSC carries out the construction or cooperation in various countries such as Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Ethiopia, Angola, Argentina etc.

CRSC always insists in “overseas overall” strategy, which contains cooperation and collaboration, Mergers and acquisition, and business innovation. Through merger, combination, J.V., cooperation etc., CRSC is exploring overseas market together with international consultation organizations, focusing on diversity of business sectors, specialized technology, localized manufacture, and successfully exporting projects, standards and industries, which makes CRSC join into the global competition. Through merger and reorganization, CRSC obtained the core technology, high-tech products and market resources, well-trained human resources for overseas market, and regulated management system, which pushed CRSC to develop the innovated business such as overseas investment/financing, main contracting and integrated manufacturing other than the mere overseas engineering, and helped CRSC become a multi-international group with wide global relations and powerful industrial influence.


 Pakistan Railways projects etc.

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